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The Benefits of Owning a FL Walk-In Tub with Jets

A Florida walk-in tub with jets turns a regular bath into a luxurious experience. A tub with jets allows seniors to concentrate on pain relief and relaxing without worrying about falling. This tub features a low step with a door that is sealed to prevent leaks, and the seat within the tub is situated so that controls are easily accessible. These are just a few of the features that will encourage you to take longer baths in a jetted tub. Ultimately, a walk-in tub with jets provides many more benefits than your standard tub.
Worry Less

Aging provides many new worries for seniors. Taking a bath should be worry-free, and purchasing a walk-in tub provides seniors with one less thing to worry about. Seniors no longer have to worry about losing balance when they step into the bathtub. Family members no longer have to monitor bath time so there is someone there to assist with possible slip and fall scenarios. A walk in tub takes the fear out of bath time.
Relax More

The older the body, the more it can benefit from a walk-in tub with jets. Warm waters from a jetted tub help wash away stress and anxieties. Most people have to visit a spa to get these benefits, but owning a relaxing walk-in tub can turn a bathroom into a personal relaxation zone. It provides a soothing and therapeutic massage, which is ideal for relaxation.
Pain Management

One of the first things athletes learn to do is to soak after strenuous exercise. This same lesson works well for seniors, especially when they are dealing with aches and pains. A jetted walk-in tub is soothing for those coping with arthritis, restless leg syndrome, and back pains. Jetted tubs boost blood circulation, causing muscles to loosen up. The result is quicker healing. Jetted tubs for pain management are much more than fun – they are downright useful.

Jetted tubs come with a slip-free floor and seat. This is a major benefit for seniors who live alone. Another safety feature is the water drains out of the tub before you open the door to exit. This allows the owner to dry off completely before exiting the tub. The owner will have the added comfort of drying off inside the tub on the slip-free surface.  This will prevent slipping once outside of the tub due to excess water dripping onto the floor.

Combining the safety features of a FL walk-in tub with the luxury of jets has both physical and mental benefits for seniors. A walk in tub with jets provides peace of mind to seniors, aids relaxation, manages pain, and increases safety. The benefits of the tub most assuredly outweigh the cost. With a jetted tub, seniors can continue to live life independently and with added bonus of a nightly massage.