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Independent Home just recently completed a Florida walk in tub installation in the city of Pensacola for our customer Claire S. Learn about the process and why it may be a good idea to add one to your home!

Our installation process starts with a pre-installation meeting with the customer to go over what type of walk in tub is best for their needs, what the best location would be, and what type of the finish the customer wants. At the meeting with Claire, she told us that she wanted a tub that could prove a safe bathing experience but also help with her arthritis and leg pain. Our installation experts decided that the celebrity walk in tub was the best option for Claire.

The celebrity walk in tub was the best option for Claire’s Florida home because of the safety features it is able to provide. Claire’s previous bathtub had a 15 inch edge, which made her nervous of getting in and out. Her old tub also had a non-secure seat giving Claire the fear that she may fall. The celebrity walk in tub has a low threshold eliminating the high edge. It also has a 17” ADA compliant seat, giving Claire that extra security that she needed.

As stated before Claire suffers from arthritis and leg pain and she wanted her new tub to help with the pain.  The celebrity walk in tub was a great choice because you are able to add hydrotherapy features. Hydrotherapy is the use of water to help decrease physical discomfort.  It works by the jets greater range of motion. The jets waves allow an increase in circulation causing the joint inflammation to decrease, which will help eliminate Claire’s pain.

Installing Claire’s walk in tub took just a couple of days to complete. The process included removing Claire’s old tub including the foundation, putting in the proper plumbing, connecting the water, making sure there weren’t any leaks, and finally building the shelf area around the tub.

Claire is extremely happy with her new walk in tub. Her worries of falling are behind her. She enjoys that when she is in a hurry and can’t enjoy a full soak there is an extendable shower wand. Overall, every time Claire gets a bath she feels like she is at her own private spa.

If you are like Claire and are nervous about your safety while bathing, add a walk in tub to your Florida home to take away that fear.  Contact us at Independent Home today.

walk in tub florida

Claire’s new celebrity walk in bathtub with hydrotherapy