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Taking a bath or shower can be very relaxing. By having a Florida walk in bathtub with chromatherapy lighting you will experience something that you have never before.

Chromatherapy are underwater lights that use LED technology. The lights create a certain sequence that creates soothing and relaxing effects. This helps with balancing a person’s physical, mental, and emotional energy. Each color helps with something different.

Orange is a symbol of prosperity and pride. It is a color that helps stimulate the blood flow and energizes nerves.
Red is a symbol of heat and fire. It helps improve circulation and with excitement.

Purple is a relaxing color. It helps with tranquility and reduces anxiety.

Green is another calming color as its symbol is harmony. In a chromatherapy tub green will calm your mind and body. It will also make you feel stable.

Blue is the true relaxation color. It will help with reducing your stress levels.

Chromatherapy is a great way to relax. To make it even better, you could add hydrotherapy for that massage and muscle relaxation as well. Get on the path to relaxing today by adding a walk in bathtub to your Florida home.