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Fort Lauderdale Walk in Tubs

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Walk In Tubs – Walk in tubs are perfect for those with limited mobility, joint pain, or who just simply want to relax while taking a bath. There are many options to choose from and Independent Home has the perfect option for you. Why not add one to your Fort Lauderdale home?

Walk In Tub Prices – Independent Home allows walk in tubs to be affordable and reliable. Our Celebrity Walk in Bathtub can fit in any existing shower area or bath tub cavity. It has an anti-slip floor and seat, option for a deep soak, and a handheld shower head is included. If you are fuller figured you can go for the Imperial Walk in Bathtub. This is the widest walk-in bathtub available. It includes a 16 jet hydrotherapy spa, handheld shower head, and a hot temperature maintainer. More walk in tub styles are available as well.

Walk In Bathtub Installation –How will you install your new walk in tub in your Fort-Lauderdale home? Independent Home can do it for you. Our experts will install your new walk in tub in one day. They will remove the existing tub will recycle it for you. Our experts will hook up the new plumping and install your new walk in tub and grab bars. This all comes with a 100% lifetime guarantee.

Independent home wants Fort Lauderdale residents to keep their independence. The best way to do this is to purchase a walk in tub today!