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Fort Myers Walk in Tubs

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Walk In Tubs – Many people move to Florida to benefit from its warm and sunny weather as well as its friendliness to those with mobility issues.  This is especially true for older Americans who find cold water and cloudy skies hazardous to their health and wellbeing.  Those in Fort Meyers, FL know that if they want their current home to be their forever home that they may need to make some alterations to ensure that they can remain mobile in their homes at any age.  This is where adding a walk in tub to your Fort Meyers home is an excellent investment.  Walk in Tubs for seniors have benefits that stretch well beyond the fact that they are easy to get in and out of.  These benefits include stress elimination, soothing arthritis pain, and improved sleep.  You’ll love owning an Independent Home Walk In Tub!

Walk In Tub Prices – You may have seen ads for many different walk in tub companies around the US, but not all of these companies are created equal. Some of the cheaper walk in tubs on the market are priced low because they are low quality.  They may be prone to cracks and leaks, or they may be manufactured with cheap parts from overseas that break easily.  You should also be aware of overpriced tubs that offer very little extra for the money.  Just because a tub is expensive doesn’t necessarily mean it is made with higher quality parts.  Whether you want a deluxe tub or a basic tub, Independent Home offers models in many sizes for many budgets.  Their Freedom Shower is reasonably priced and perfect for a versatile bathroom that caters to individuals with varying levels of mobility.  The Access Walk In Tubs is a nicely appointed and built to be easy to use for wheelchair bound individuals. The Royal Walk In Tub is built for those who enjoy using standard bathtubs, but need help getting in and out of them.  No matter what your need Independent Home makes the perfect tub for your needs.

Walk In Tub Installation – Some homeowners decide to purchase a cheaper tub that require hiring an installer or a handyman to do the work for you.  Many of these installations can be expensive and lead to poor installation if the person doing it doesn’t know what they are doing.  When you hire Independent Home you get one of our professional installers who knows all of our tubs like the back of his or her hand.  These people only install our products and are highly trained.  Why risk a bad installation when you can have an expert come right to your door?

If you are looking for a great walk in tub or walk in shower for your Fort Meyers, FL home, look no further than Independent Home.  We offer a competitively priced product, made with the highest standards around. Call today to learn how a new walk in tub can change your life for the better.