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Hollywood Walk in Tubs

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Walk In Tubs – Hollywood are you looking for an easier way to take a bath or shower? Independent Home can help with our walk in tubs. Not only do they help with mobility issues, but our walk in tubs also help with eliminating stress by giving you a gentle massage. They also help with improving your sleep cycles by offering you better circulation, reduced stress, and relaxed muscles.

Walk In Tub Prices – Can you afford a walk in tub? That’s the question everyone always asks. Independent Home makes their walk in tubs affordably and with materials that will last. One model is the Acrylic Deluxe Walk in Tub. This tub has an Acrylic finish that makes the tub strong and long lasting. Other features of the tub is it has 14 air spa jets, 6 water spa jets, and a temperature controlled heater. Another model offered is the Celebrity Walk in Bathtub. This tub has a chrome finish. Features of this tub includes an anti-slip floor and seat, hand held shower head, and with the height of the tub you are able to have a deep soak.

Walk In Tub Installation –Is it easy to install a walk in tub? Independent Home will install your walk in tub for you. Our experts can install the tub in one day! They will remove your old tub and get rid of it, install your new tub and put in the new plumbing, put in grab bars for extra safety, and make sure your bathroom is put back the way it was when our experts came in. Our installation process offers a lifetime guarantee.

Hollywood, don’t let taking a bath take way your independence! Purchase a walk in tub today!