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One of the most common injuries to occur at a household is falling. A common room for a fall to occur is the bathroom. The bathroom is common due to their size and having tripping hazards such as towels on the floor. These situations are very common for seniors. Here are a few helpful tips on how to safety proof your Florida bathroom and avoid a serious injury.


A good way to safety proof your bathroom is to install grab bars next to the toilet and bathtub. Safety grab bars will help if the floor is slippery and you begin to fall. You will be able to grab on the bars and hopefully avoid hitting the floor.


Another great way to safety proof your bathroom is to put in a non-slip floor in the bathtub or non-slip mats. These will help avoid falls due to slippery conditions. If bathmats are a part of your bathroom decor, you may want to think about removing them as they are a popular tripping hazard.


If you are one to make trips to the bathroom at night, be sure to add a nightlight. By adding a nightlight you won’t have to find your way in the dark and will avoid the possibility on falling on loose items such as clothes or a toothbrush that has fallen.


Installing a walk in tub is also a way to safety proof your bathroom. A walk in tub can help with mobility, slip and fall, and many other safety issues.


Falling can cause serious injuries, especially to seniors. Safety proofing your FL bathroom can help many injuries be avoided. Start today.