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Malabar Walk in Tubs

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Walk In Tubs – Malabar are you having more trouble getting around lately? Let Independent Home help you with our walk in tubs. Our walk in tubs have benefits that no one thinks about, such as soaking our tubs can help increase your circulation by opening up your skin’s capillaries, which helps increase your blood flow and oxygen to remove toxins from your body.

Walk In Tub Prices – You may think that you cannot afford a walk in tub. Independent Home makes sure that we come up with an affordable and fair price for our models. One model we offer is the Cube Walk in Bathtub. A few key features on this model are a full hydrotherapy spa with 16 jets, chrome fixtures, and a thermostatic mixing valve control unit. Another model is the Supreme Walk in Bathtub. Key Features on this Model are 2 safety grab bars, speed draining, and a slip-resistant tub floor.

Walk In Tub Installation –Installation only takes one day. Independent Home can do it for you. With installation Independent Home will throw away your old tub, install your new tub with the plumbing, install grab bars if needed, and the bathroom will be cleaned up so it looks just as it did when we came in! The installation is lifetime guaranteed!

Malabar, it’s time to enjoy you’re bathing experience! Contact Independent Home today and start your walk in tub process today!