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Ocala Walk in Tubs

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Walk In Tubs – Ocala, are you looking to improve your bathing and showering experience? We can help with our walk in tubs for seniors! They not only make the bathing process easier, but walk in tubs for seniors can offer many other benefits. Have your bones been aching lately from your arthritis? Walk in tubs help soothe the pain just by soaking in the water due to our patented design. Another benefit is, if you choose one of our models with massage and jet options, the massage and hydrotherapy can relieve your muscle pain.

Walk In Tub Prices – Independent Home wants to help you keep your independence. That is why they have fair and reasonable prices on their tub models. One model is the Cube Walk in Bathtub. Key features on this walk in tub is an anti-slip floor and seat, full hydrotherapy spa with 16 jets, and a handheld shower head. Another model is the Royal Walk in Bathtub. Key features on this model are a power controlled seat lift, full hydrotherapy spa with 16 jets, and the length allows you to have a reclined bath.

Walk In Tub Installation –Many wonder how they will install their newly purchased tub. Independent Home handles that for you. The installation is handled in one day and includes getting rid of your old tub, installation of the new walk in tub with plumbing, putting in grab bars, and putting back the bathroom to how it was when we arrived. The installation process is a lifetime guarantee.

Ocala, don’t let taking a bath or shower be a difficult process! Contact Independent Home today to start to make the process easier!