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Pensacola Walk in Tubs

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Walk In Tubs – Florida’s sun and warm temperatures are known for their healthful benefits to Florida’s residents.  People have been migrating to Florida for their health for many years.  Of course, when you move to Pensacola, FL you need to make sure that your home is also equipped to aid you healthfully as you age.  This is where adding a walk in tub to your Pensacola home is a sound investment for both your property value and personal value.  Walk in bathtubs have benefits that go far beyond their easy access doors.  These benefits include muscle and joint relaxation, improved sleep cycles, and soothing arthritis pain.  You’ll love owning an Independent Home Walk In Tub!

Walk In Tub Prices – There are many walk in tub companies in the US, but not all of these walk in tub companies are created equal. If a price sounds too cheap to be true, there is a good chance that it is.  These cheaper products may lack a solid steel frame that that is essential to prevent leaks and cracks, or they may be manufactured with inferior parts.  One should also be aware of the fact that some manufacturers will charge high prices for lesser walk in bathtubs.  Though some expensive tubs offer you more for the money, others offer similar products to those that you could get for a fraction of the price from a reputable manufacturer.  Many of the best walk in bathtubs on the market are priced competitively and are made with quality parts.  Whether you want a basic walk in tub or a deluxe walk in tub, Independent Home offers models for every bathroom and budget.  Their Freedom Shower is the perfect option for those who don’t want a walk in tub but require a mobility friendly bathing experience.  The Celebrity Walk In Tubs is a well-equipped, standard sized model that is perfect for most walk in tub consumers. The Access Walk In Tub designed specifically for wheelchair bound individuals looking for a tub tailored to their needs.  No matter what your bathing needs, Independent Home has you covered.

Walk In Tub Installation – It is common for some homeowners to purchase a less expensive tub that requires then to hire their own contractor to install their tub as a measure to save money.  Some of these installations can become quite costly if the contractor is unfamiliar with walk in tub installation, and if they install the tub incorrectly it can lead to very costly fixes down the line.  By purchasing a tub from a company that sends its own installers, you know that you tub will be installed by a professional who is highly trained to install your exact make and model of walk in tub.  These installations can also often be done in less than a day.  Don’t risk a bad installation when you can have a highly trained expert do it right the first time?

If you are looking for a quality walk in tub or walk in shower for your Pensacola, FL home, look no further than Independent Home.  We offer a competitively priced product, made with high quality parts assembled in the US. Call today to learn how a new walk in tub can change your life for the better!