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St. Augustine Walk in Tubs

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Walk In Tubs – St. Augustine, are you looking for a solution for easier baths and showers? Independent Home has the solution. Walk in bathtubs give you easy in and out access along with other healthful benefits that many don’t think about. One benefit is sitting in a walk in tub can eliminate stress with the help of the gentle massage, warm water, and comfortable seat which puts you in a state of relaxation.  Your body releases endorphins that lessen your tension. Another benefit of walk in bathtubs is that they relieve muscle soreness with their massage and hydrotherapy features.

Walk In Tub Prices – Can you afford a walk in tub? Independent Home wants their customers to have their independence. We have come up with fair and reasonable prices for the models that we offer. One model is the Imperial Walk in Bathtub. Key features of this model include 16 jet hydrotherapy spa, deep soak option, and hydrotherapy hot temperature maintainer. Another model offered is the freedom shower. The freedom shower includes a seat and no-slip floor. It is perfect for those that do not like the bathtub idea.

Walk In Tub Installation –Independent Home will come and install your newly purchased walk in tub or shower for you. The installation process takes only one day. The process incudes getting rid of your old tub, putting your new walk in tub where you want it and plumbing, installing grab bars, and cleaning up. This process is lifetime guaranteed if something were to happen to your tub.

St. Augustine, start to enjoy the bath and shower experience again! Contact Independent Home today!