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St. Petersburg Walk in Tubs

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Walk In Tubs – Sunny Florida is the perfect retirement spot for those looking to benefit from the healthful benefits that warm weather and sun can offer a person.  Of course, to make the most out of your retirement, it is important to make sure you live in a home that is well equipped to handle your health needs as you age.  Retirees in St. Petersburg, FL know that by spending a little bit of money now, they can ensure that they can stay in their homes for many years to come.  This is where adding a walk in tub to your St. Petersburg home is a sound investment in your future.  Walk in tubs have benefits that go far beyond their easy access for people with mobility issues.  These benefits include improved circulation, soothing relief for arthritis, and muscle and joint relaxation.  You’ll love owning an Independent Home Walk In Tub!

Walk In Tub Prices – Of course, not all walk in tub companies in the United States are created equal when it comes to value and price.  If a tub sounds too cheap to be true, it probably is.  Cheaper tubs can lack a steel frame that is important for preventing leaks and cracks, or they may be manufactured with cheap, low quality parts.  There are also many overpriced tubs on the market to be aware of.  Though some high priced tubs offer a higher level of quality, many of them can be overpriced models no better than their less expensive counterparts.  Most quality walk in tub companies offer competitive prices and quality parts.  Whether you want a deluxe walk in tub, a basic walk in tub, or a walk in shower, Independent Home offers models for any bathroom or budget.  Their Celebrity Walk In Tub is a well-equipped standard tub that is an excellent value for the average walk in tub consumer.  The Imperial Walk In Tubs one of our largest models that offers a roomier option and holds up to five hundred pounds. The Freedom Shower is a walk in shower perfect for individuals who don’t want a tub but need a product that can help then with their mobility needs.  No matter what your mobility needs, Independent Home has you covered.

Walk In Tub Installation – Some walk in tub owners decide to save money by buying cheaper tubs that don’t offer installation, this can sometimes be a big mistake.  By hiring a contractor that doesn’t normally offer walk in tubs, you run the risk of being over charged for a long and costly installation that may be poorly executed due to lack of experience.  When you buy a tub with installation included you know that the installers that your tub company are sending are highly trained in walk in tub installation.  They can teach you how to use your tub, and can often install it in less than a day.  Why risk a poor installation when you can have a highly trained professional do it?

If you are looking for a quality walk in tub or walk in shower for your St. Petersburg, FL home, look no further than Independent Home.  We offer competitively priced products, built with the highest standards. Call today to learn how a new walk in tub can change your life for the better!