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Tallahassee Walk in Tubs

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Walk In Tubs – Tallahassee are you looking to regain your independence in your home’s bath or shower? Independent Home can help. Walk in tubs for seniors allow you easy and safe in and out access along with safe conditions inside the your bathtub for a worry free bathing environment. Another benefit of  walk in tubs for seniors is the warm water can help increase your circulation by opening your skin’s capillaries which increases your blood flow and oxygen that releases your body’s toxins.

Walk In Tub Prices – Are walk in tubs affordable? Independent Home wants to give customers the freedom to live in their own home. They make their prices fair and affordable based on the models and features that come with the tub. One model is the Celebrity Walk in Bathtub. The key features of this model are it has an anti-slip floor and seat, hand held shower head, and the height of the chair is 17”. Another model offered is the Royal Walk in Bathtub. This model’s key features are it has a power controlled seat lift, full hydrotherapy spa with 16 jets, and anti-slip floor and chair.

Walk In Tub Installation –Many might wonder how you would install your newly purchased walk in tub. You don’t have to worry. Independent Home will do it for you. The installation process includes discarding your old tub, installing your new tub with plumbing, putting in grab bars, and cleaning up the bathroom so it looks good as new. This process for your walk in tub is lifetime guaranteed.

Tallahassee, regain your independence with your own walk in tub! Contact Independent Home today.