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Independent Home recently completed a walk in tub installation for Dennis and Susan, an elderly couple in Tampa. Check out the process and why you should consider adding a walk in tub to your Florida home.

Before the installation of Dennis and Susan’s tub could begin, we met with them for a pre-installation meeting. The meeting is where it is decided what type of walk in tub would best fit the customer’s needs, the location, and what type of finish the tub would have.

At the meeting we found out that Dennis and Susan previously had a jetted garden tub but it had become too difficult to get in and out of with their mobility issues. They then switched to a walk in shower. However, the shower was missing hydrotherapy and the ability to enjoy a deep soak.

With this information our installation experts decided that the Celebrity Walk in Bathtub model would work best for Dennis and Susan. The Celebrity was the best choice because it was the perfect size for Dennis and Susan’s bathroom and provided the hydrotherapy features they were looking for.

What is hydrotherapy? It is the use of water that is used to reduce joint pain. The jets in the tub is what makes hydrotherapy work. They move in a greater range of motion and massage your body. While you are enjoying the massage, your circulation is actually increasing. Increased circulation helps reduce and rehabilitate those muscles that are sore.

Now that it was decided what type of walk in tub Dennis and Susan were going to receive, it was time to prepare for the installation. Preparation included taking apart their walk in shower, the shower foundation, and putting in the proper plumbing.

It was now time to install Dennis and Susan’s walk in bathtub. The installation only took one day to complete. It included placing the tub in the ideal location, leveling the legs, connecting the water, and making sure that there were not any leaks. The shelf around the tub was then built to complete the installation.

Dennis and Susan chose Independent Home because of our A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau and our high rating on Consumer Affairs. We lived up to our reputation as Dennis and Susan could not be happier with their walk in tub.

If you are looking to replace your bathtub with a hydrotherapy walk in tub, contact us today.

Walk in Tub FL

Dennis and Susan’s new Celebrity walk in tub