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When it comes to living in your home for the foreseeable future, safety is key to keeping you in your Florida home.  After all, a home that is well equipped to keep you safe and comfortable is a home that you can enjoy even as you age and see changes in your mobility.

When it comes to adding safety to your home, it is most important to start by tackling the most dangerous rooms first.  After all, these are the places where you are most likely to have an accident and injure yourself.  Your bathroom is among the most dangerous rooms in your house, and therefore one of the most important for you to tackle first.  Here are a few simple safety solutions that you can make easily to add years of enjoyment to your home:

No Slip Flooring – Slipping on wet surfaces is one of the major concerns when it comes to bathroom safety.  To ensure that you and your loved ones don’t suffer from a terrible fall in the bathroom consider adding no slip flooring.  No slip flooring can be achieved in several different ways.  Some people put carpet in bathrooms, and this is an option though you have to consider mold and mildew issues. A better solution is to install a slip resistant tile or flooring.  These tiles have grip to keep you from slipping.  You can also have a contractor coat your existing floors with a no slip surface.  This solution dries clear so the beauty of your original floors shines through, but the coating will add grip to the floors where there was none before.  No matter how you add grip to your bathroom floors, it is an important and often inexpensive change that can make your bathroom a much safer place.

Grab Bars and Handrails – Another easy way to add safety to your bathroom is by installing grab bars and handrails in appropriate places so that you can guide yourself through the bathroom safely.  These grab bars are most useful around tubs, shower, and toilets.   A simple grab bar installed properly can give you an extra surface to grip to ensure that you don’t fall in the bathroom.

Walk in Tubs – Another safety solution is adding a walk in tub to your FL home.  These tubs are safe and easy to use.  They have a low lip entry, slip resistant seats and floors, grab bars, and more to help keep you safe as you bathe.  Best of all they come with features to help make your bathing experience not only safe, but extra relaxing and energizing.  Though walk in tubs may be a bit more expensive than some safety additions to your bathroom, they are affordable and well worth the investment.  Good hygiene is imperative to good health, and a walk in tub can help you achieve this as you age.

Simple Safety Solutions in the bathroom are very important when it comes to remaining in your home for years to come.  Consider adding no slip flooring, grab bars, and a walk in tub to your Florida bathroom to add years of enjoyment in your home.  Call Independent Home today for more information on walk in tubs!


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